Frequently Asked Questions

We are an out-of-network provider. This allows us to keep our cost low for everyone even when insurance would decide to stop covering your care. It’s like what a copay would be around, about $60-$65 an adjustment.

Yes!! We do accept Care Credit and HSA/FSA to serve as many people as we can.

There is no way for us to know your body’s rate of healing until we can assess what’s going on with you. That decision is up to the Doctor after he does his exam.

Our doctors usually adjust on your first visit after a thorough exam to ensure you are adjusted safely and appropriately.

Yes! It’s very important for the chiropractor to see exactly how things are misaligned in your spine to properly correct your spinal misalignments. We never want to guess when it comes to your health, so it’s very important that before a chiropractor ever touches your spine, they take x-rays so they are not going in blindfolded.

Absolutely! This will help our doctors to see if there have been any changes since you have had these done and it will give them more information on your case.

As soon as baby arrives! Research shows that 90% of newborns have a misalignment after birth. Having their nervous system checked will allow them to function optimally early on in life and grow up to be healthy adults!

Yes!! Our doctors are certified in the Webster technique and are certified to see pregnant moms. We will take pregnant moms at any point during their pregnancy but the sooner they start care, the better!

Only 10% of your nerves carry pain signals. The other 90% control the functions of your body like heart rate, blood pressure, hormone balance, digestive processes, immune system, etc. Pain may occur after an underlying issue has been present for some time. Our goal is prevention, therefore we want to address issues before it starts to cause pain. Staying well-adjusted is the key to long-term wellness and optimal function.

Research states that a dissection of the vertebral artery happens 1 in every 5.83 MILLION rotational-style cervical (neck) manipulations. We do not perform this traditional-style adjustment in our clinic. The risk is extremely low, however still a valid
concern. This is why as Gonstead Practitioners we take every measure to ensure the safety of our Practice Members by taking a thorough history, performing a thorough examination, taking full spine x-rays, adjusting specifically and eliminating rotation from adjustments.

Yes. We take full spine x-rays in our office so that our doctors can see what areas of the spine are appropriate to adjust and what areas are off-limits. Majority of the time, the segments above and below areas of spinal surgery need to be adjusted.

No! Research has shown that roughly 60% of young, healthy individuals with no back pain have multiple levels of disc bulge. This is not a contraindication for chiropractic work. In fact, many people benefit from conservative chiropractic care for disc bulge/herniation conditions. Disc bulges occur due to uneven pressure being placed on the disc by the vertebra above. If the vertebra is shifted out of its normal position, it places more pressure on one side of the disc, which causes the disc to bulge (usually to the back and slightly to the side, where the nerve exits the spine). The Gonstead Chiropractic adjustment corrects the position of the misaligned vertebra back onto the center of the disc underneath, reducing uneven pressures on the disc and often reducing severity of the bulge. Many of our patients diagnosed with disc bulges and herniations have gotten fast relief under Gonstead chiropractic care.

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