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Our Mission

To empower our community to achieve a higher quality of life through Gonstead Chiropractic care.

We Create Custom Plans To Benefit Your Health

Drs. Brennon and Holden, DC, provide state-of-the-art chiropractic care that brings you relief from pain, increased energy levels and longevity. With years of experience, our chiropractors can analyze your body and create a custom plan to benefit your health.

Regain Your Optimism and Live Well Again

Our highest priority with each practice member is to sit down with them and listen. It's the most essential step in beginning your care so that we can gain an understanding of your concerns and how they affect your life.

We don't just provide chiropractic; we want to show you the compassion and care that you deserve along the way, knowing that restoring your hope is key in the healing process.

Conditions we’ve helped

Providing Adult & Pediatric Care

  • Rise Chiropractic
  • Rise Chiropractic
  • Rise Chiropractic
  • Rise Chiropractic
  • Rise Chiropractic
    Acid Reflux / Colic
  • Rise Chiropractic
  • Rise Chiropractic
  • Rise Chiropractic
    Digestive Issues

    o Constipation
    o Irritable Bowel
    o Diarrhea

  • Rise Chiropractic
    Ear Infections

  • Rise Chiropractic
    Headache / Migraine
  • Rise Chiropractic
    Mood / Temperament
  • Rise Chiropractic
  • Rise Chiropractic
    Neck or Back Pain
  • Rise Chiropractic
    Sciatica / Lumbar or Sacral Radiculopathy
  • Rise Chiropractic
    Sleeping Difficulties
  • Rise Chiropractic
  • Rise Chiropractic
    Weakness Arms / Hands
  • Rise Chiropractic
    Women Specific

    o Pregnancy
    o Menstrual Pains & Cramps

Rise Chiropractic

Back and Neck Problems

Recurrent or Chronic Ear Infections

Boost Immunity

Sleep Difficulty

Tension Headaches & Migraines

Digestion Problems

Discomfort Related to Pregnancy

Struggling to Focus & Concentrate

Function At A Higher Capacity

While Chiropractic does not claim to "treat" any named disease or ailment, we have seen several conditions improve under our care, as we enable the nervous system to function at a higher capacity, which promotes the body's innate ability to heal naturally.


The "Gonstead Chiropractor"

Thorough analysis of your spine and nervous system



Skin and tissue changes around the spine may be indicative of nerve pressure at the adjacent level. Findings may consist of swelling, edema, redness, pimples, dry skin, or other lesions in the dermatome associated with the vertebral subluxation. Global postural abnormalities are also clues to determine the root cause of the patient’s problem (i.e. shoulder unleveling, pelvic unleveling, tilting, etc.)



Dual-probe thermal instrumentation is used to detect abnormal temperature variations around the spine. Research has demonstrated that 0.5 degree Celsius of difference between the left and right sides is clinically significant and could indicate neural irritation at the adjacent spinal levels. In a state of rest, acclimated to a controlled climate, the skin around the spine should not have major temperature differences from left to right. Instrumentation is our “window” into the nervous system.

X Ray

X Ray

The full spine Gonstead radiographic study visualizes the entire spine and its associated structures, to include the entire pelvis, the upper cervical region, and everything in between. The health of the intervertebral discs is seen on the lateral view, which dictates the doctors’ plan of care. This study not only shows the problem area, but also how the rest of the body is compensating. The doctors are trained to distinguish subluxation (primary biomechanical lesion) from compensation (secondary effects) and focus solely on correcting the root cause of the problem, leaving the rest of the healthy spinal segments alone.


Static and Motion Palpation

“Chiropractic” means “with the hands.” The doctors are trained to use their hands to find abnormal tissue changes surrounding the spine and evaluate for small differences in individual motion segments. Loss of normal passive range of motion is always present when a vertebral subluxation is present. Edema or swelling is usually tender to touch, which indicates a joint is not moving properly and its soft tissue elements are inflamed.

Case Management

History/Case Management

Listening to the patient is the most important component of the examination process. The same adjustments are not performed on every visit, and no two patients are adjusted the same. We reanalyze using the Gonstead examination criteria at each visit to make sure your care is on the right track!

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