wellness care

We here at RISE Chiropractic believe that neurologically-based chiropractic care should be a staple of each family’s lifestyle habits for vitality and longevity, regardless of the age of the patient.

 We know that 90% of the stimulation to the brain comes from spinal movement. What better way to stimulate the brain than to provide a specific and precise, safe, and gently-applied skillful adjustment to the richly-innervated spine? Also, remember that the brain is responsible for controlling and coordinating every single function within the body, so if healthy body function requires a healthy brain, and a healthy brain comes from proper stimulation, then by moving the spine in a healthy way, we can CHANGE THE BRAIN, which ultimately determines health outcomes. This is the BIG IDEA within chiropractic, and this is our goal with all of our practice members. If you are ready to evolve your family’s health, including your children, schedule your Complimentary Consultation today! We look forward to serving you.