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Pediatric Milestones, Reflexes, and Neurological Development

Children and adults struggling with ADHD, Dyslexia, Reading and Learning difficulties, as well as more complex challenges like Motor Tics, Bed Wetting, and Anxiety.

Common Muscular Issues and Necessary Homework

Stiff back, Runner's knee, IT Band Syndrome, Hip Flexors, Sciatica, Gluteal Amnesia, Multiple Shoulder Injuries, etc.

Frustrated?? Dive down this rabbit hole...


We brought in the big guns for this one. Check out these amazing interview from the RISE2Health podcast in video format!

Proper Biomechanics for Life and Ergonomics for Work

Your chiropractor says your job is the reason you're subluxated...

If you can't quit your job, explore these modifications and considerations.