Chiropractic & X-Rays

Chiropractic and X-Rays

To see is to know” – a phrase heard often here at the RISE office. The question still lingers: why do we take x-rays? The first reason we need x-ray in chiropractic is to rule out pathology, or disease, namely fracture, infection, or tumor. Sometimes these conditions can mimic common complaints seen in chiropractic offices like headaches, neck pain, and back pain. The majority of these conditions, other than acute fracture, are diagnosed incidentally, which means that the doctor was not looking for this problem, but found it on an imaging study. It is extremely important for us to know if you need any emergency attention prior to initiating any structural corrective care in our office. We have seen cases in our office that needed medical attention, that we would not have known of if not for x-ray, and we sure are happy we were able to get those practice members the care they needed!

Secondly, if we claim to use an adjusting technique that prides itself on delivering sniper-like specific adjustments, then we have to know exactly how that bone or segment is rotated, tilted, and to what degree. Being able to measure down to the millimeter the exact three dimensional coordinates of a particular vertebra or segment allows us to contact the bone in just the right spot and set it very gently in just the right vector. For instance, let’s assume your 5th lumbar is the culprit of your issues (a common finding in today’s world of prolonged sitting or heavy lifting); we can’t just jump on that 5th lumbar and make it move, because if we move it the wrong way it could make you significantly worse! We have to know if it’s rotated to the right or the left and how much, as well as how thin that disc is in the back, which tells us how much lift that segment needs in order to be replaced onto its disc right below. In order to achieve the best results, we must get the vertebra to sit level on top of its respective disc – the main goal of the Gonstead work. Without an x-ray measurement listing, it’s almost a complete guessing game, and we will not guess with your health here at RISE Chiropractic! So YES! We DO take x-rays!

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